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Name Trot ID Satus County ST Equine(s)
Laurie Hanahan 28 Operational/Mounted Searcher Fauquier County VA Mia

Laurie Hanahan, Trot-28, joined the team in early 2008 and lives in Fauquier County. She obtained her SAR Tech II certification from the National Association of Search and Rescue, Wilderness First Aid and Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue. She is currently the Assistant Commander and Training Officer for TrotSAR. Her past and current volunteer efforts include leadership in girl scouts, volunteering at a therapeutic riding center, and coordinating public trail riding events. She is also a pet assisted therapy volunteer visiting hospitals, physical rehabilitation clinics and nursing homes with two of her Doberman pinschers as well as providing pet education sessions to elementary schools. Laurie founded a local Doberman rescue group and spent many years re-homing dogs in need. She is certified as an emergency animal rescue volunteer for disaster situations.

Laurie’s favorite hobby is weekend camping/trail riding in the mountains with her Mountain Pleasure Horse/Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse “Bella Mia” and Rocky Mountain Horse “Percy”. Mia has been Laurie’s riding buddy for several years with extensive trail miles behind her, judged pleasure ride experience, as well as a foundation in natural horsemanship training. Mia is smart and sensible, always willing to head out for a day on the trails. Percy recently certified as an MSAR mount and continues to gain experience through trainings and other events. Laurie, Mia and Percy enjoy participating in team trainings and community service events, which she says helps them prepare for the next search callout as well as provide public awareness and education on mounted search and rescue.

Level MSAR CERT ICS 1st Aid SAR TECH Collateral
Search Team Leader MSAR CERT 200 WFR II VA TLAER Assistant Commander, Training Officer

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