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Name Trot ID Satus County ST Equine(s)
Pete Fields 27 Operational/Mounted Searcher Charles County MD Beythoven

Pete Fields, Trot-27 has been with the Team since 2003 and got his start with mounted search and rescue over 25 years ago. Pete is a retired rocket propulsion engineer and is one of the team officers, currently serving in the position of team Secretary. He and his wife own and operate a beautiful equestrian facility (El Ammal Farm) in Charles County, Maryland specializing in Eventing and Dressage training.

Pete has a passion for long distance riding and is a two-time winner of the Old Dominion 100 Mile Endurance Ride Cavalry Award, and has won the Best Conditioned Award at that competition. Pete has over 1100 competition miles in ECTRA and AERC distance riding competitions.

Pete’s horse of choice is an Arab. He is pictured with his 14-year-old half-Arabian horse Mr. Beythoven. Mr. Beythoven is a tireless athlete with 3 50 mile endurance ride finishes to his credit. When not competing or serving on SAR missions he is a spirited school horse for the students at El Ammal Farm. Pete also started the Team’s “Heart of a Volunteer” program, which has been very successful with our recent recruitment drives.

Level MSAR CERT ICS 1st Aid SAR TECH Collateral
Search Team Leader MSAR CERT 200 FA III Dispatcher Secretary

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