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Name Trot ID Satus County ST Equine(s)
Michelle McGuinness 23 Operational/Mounted Searcher Montgomery County MD Cavalier,

Michele McGuinness, Ph.D., (Trot-23) is an operational member who joined the team in May 2003. In 2006 and 2007 she served as the Teamís Assistant Commander and Training Officer. Michele is partnered with two certified mounts, Cavalier, an Arabian gelding, and Thomas J. (Tom), a racking horse. Her equestrian background includes trail riding, Saddle Gals and Guys Drill Team, and limited distance endurance riding. Michele's wilderness experience ranges from vertical caving to extensive wilderness backpacking, and she also enjoys hiking, flat water kayaking, and cycling.

As an operational member of the Search Team, Michele has participated in search and rescue missions in Maryland and Virginia. She has represented the Search Team at the Virginia Search and Rescue Council and at the Maryland Search Team Task Force Command Staff meetings and has participated in numerous multi-jurisdictional, multi-discipline SAREX training events in Maryland, Delaware and Virginia. Michele holds a National Association of Search & Rescue (NASAR) SAR TECH III certification, Wilderness First Aid certification and is a member of specialty teams with the Montgomery County Fire & Rescue Service CERT program.

Level MSAR CERT ICS 1st Aid SAR TECH Collateral
Search Team Leader MSAR CERT 200 WFA II   Member

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