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Name Trot ID Satus County ST Equine(s)
Maria Hillegas 11 Operational/Mounted Searcher York County PA Bailey

Maria Hillegas began her search and rescue journey in 1991 in a canine group located in Southern Maryland. She took a handful of years off to raise her children and returned to the search and rescue community in 1999. Maria is a SAR Tech II and has multiple other certifications in search management classes among others. She has been riding and competing on equines since her early teens and becoming MSAR certified was a natural transition.

Maria and her equine partner Storm currently reside in South Central PA and enjoy camping and trail riding every chance they can get.

Level MSAR CERT ICS 1st Aid SAR TECH Collateral
Search Team Member MSAR CERT 100 FA II PSARC Liaison Member

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