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The TROTSAR Mounted Team is an all volunteer based non-government search and rescue (SAR) squad (organization). The Teamís primary purpose is to assist federal, tribal, state and local government agencies by providing emergency rescue operations and/or lifesaving activities for people who are stranded or lost and rescuing those victims in wilderness, rural or urban/suburban areas. The Team participates in mountain SAR, wilderness SAR, and urban or suburban SAR operations; and will also assist with large animal rescue that results from a natural or manmade disaster and other related emergency services. The primary response area is within the States of Maryland and Virginia, however the team remains ready for deployment within the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Region III (MD, VA, DE, PA, WV and DC). On the request of public safety agencies outside of the region, additional emergency services required for disaster relief and homeland security may be included in the mission, as outlined within the National Response Framework and Homeland Security Presidential Directives.

At no cost to public, the TROTSAR Mounted Team also sponsors and conducts safety education programs. It is the Teamís goal to provide public awareness and reduce hazards, by teaching the basics of safety and prevention of accidents caused by human frailty or error while lost or placed in a wilderness environment, or exposed to other life-threatening dangers or disaster situations.

Our Mounted Units respond to and provide the following services:

As a service to Responsible Authorities, we have developed a trifold handout reference to highlight our capabilities. Please click this link to download the TrotSAR Trifold. (requires Adobe Acrobate to view PDF file)

Responsible Authorities Only Please
For 24-Hour Emergency Response call:
1-888-MSAR911 (888-672-7911)
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